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It’s 3 weeks!! But we are $90 away from our 500 goal!!

Fundraiser for Feral Cats!!

I’m heading to Phoenix the second week of May, for my sons Girlfriends graduation from nursing school. In Chris’ neighborhood, there is an older lady that cares for all the Feral Cats. I stopped on the last visit and gave her $100 in an envelope with a note on her door. She called later that day with an over whelming THANK YOU!


“Hi Ginger my name is Margaret M. and I received a note on my door this morning from you along with $100 and I’m just calling to say thank you so much for your generosity I posted a comment on the website for just double thanking you as well. it’s just your generosity and kindness was was so touching, it it just brought tears to my eyes, and I am so grateful. thank you thank you thank you again and again and I will um I know people who have horses who love horses and I would like to share with them about the ranch so hopefully this will come around and um you know pay it forward so I do I just personally wanted to say thank you I really appreciate you and him and thanks so very very much have a great day you really made my day bye-bye. “ ~~ original voice mail ~~

I just want to gather her some supplies to drop off on this trip. The prices of cat food and things are getting so expensive, and she’s older, my guess a fixed income. But filled with love. The kids and I may also go over and clean up her garage area where she has boxes and cat trees. I’m not thinking the neighbors care for her love to the cats as much as we do… sadly she has no trespassing signs all over the place. We just want to make her day, in return for her kindness. ~G

One Beautifully Handmade Painting

Ginger Grimes
“Red Kitty”
Acrylic mixed media on Wood

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