Mini Horse Prints


For horse lovers!


♥ Made with love from Will and Gail Arcularius! ♥

Mini Horse Paintings
From left to right: 1-E/A “Elsa and Anna” 4½ x 3″, 2-A “Anna” 4″ x 3″, 3-ES “Elsa’s Spirit” 3″ x 3¼”, 4-F. “Friends” 3″ x 3½”

Each print comes with a 5″ mini pine wood easel. You can order prints individually or as a set of 3 plus $5 shipping.

When ordering a set of 3, please include the item numbers (example: 1 – A/E, 2-A, 3 – ES), as instructed on the order form.

As with everything we do, 100% of the proceeds from this offering will go to the help the horses!!

List Item #s If Ordering Set